Tomorrow I return to work after a great and fruitful summer. I can’t believe how quickly time goes by and I can’t believe how often I find myself saying it as I get older. I got a few things accomplished this summer but it seems life throws things at you fast and furious. That is what makes living such an exciting adventure.

I return to work and have no complaints about it. I am excited because I love what I do but after twenty years I have discovered other passions that need to be fulfilled. I have three years to go if I want to retire early, or if I fail and its not a failure at all, I have ten to go. Three is my goal because I will turn 50 and that gives me another twenty five or thirty years to write and create beautiful photographs. Plus who knows what other things reveal themselves over time. God only knows where my life will take me. One thing is for sure it will continue to be meaningful because I’ve had a hell of a ride so far.

I consider my full time job equity. My dreams are being built on a solid foundation. I am a dreamer but also a worker. We came here with only six suitcases to start a new life in 1985. We came with no money and even lived on welfare for a while. Everything I have came as a result of hard work and figuring things out. It didn’t come easy or fast. It came over time and with a lot of sweat, but over the last thirty years I have built great equity. Equity that allows me to dream today and take some calculated risks. Without equity I think people simply gamble. They want a lot of money or they want to be famous and some even succeed. But I’m not sure if they can be happy because there is a joy that comes with doing it right.

I think I’m doing it right even though most of the time I’m not really sure what I am doing and sometimes feel overwhelmed with all of the things that are still left undone. Life is always changing and I seem to be forever trying to keep up. But I know how to breathe, how to unplug from the world, and have built up a resilience to keep going.


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