There are no shortcuts in life. We just have to earn it.

Sure, people learn how to cheat or find a seemingly good shortcut but there is a myriad of consequences that comes with all of that. Consequences that are unseen at that moment. 

The best way to get to where we want to go is still the long way of earning our right to be on the road in the first place.

Nobody owes us anything. Life doesn’t owe us anything either. We were born by through a mathematical miracle and everything we do and experience contributes to this amazing miracle.

We have to stop seeing ourselves as insignificant and we have to avoid the danger that life owes us anything. We are not owed and we are not ordinary. We are extraordinary and our super power increases the more we learn to earn the dreams we seek.

I’m doing a trade show this weekend. A little while ago I would have been worried and nervous. I would have second guess myself and there are short fleeting moments when those thoughts come to mind but I chase them away. I’m not longer worried or nervous of a tradeshow and more importantly the idea of selling myself because I have grown confident. 

I think I’ve earned my right to be a photographer by making copious amounts of mistakes. Good word, isn’t it? Copious. I made copious mistakes in my time and I probably figured out many things the hard way. But no matter. I have earned the right to be where I am.

You too have earned the right to be where you are and if you have some unfinished business, like we all do, you have to find the discipline to keep earning the right to be in the conversation. Keep writing, keep playing the Cello, keep rowing, painting, or training for that Ironman triathlon. 

We can all get to where we want to go if we focus on earning it and avoid the trappings of short cuts. 

There is nowhere we need to be in life. We are right where we should be and we can do glorious things with who we are and with what we have. When we do, life will always give us more.


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