You have to dream out loud because it’s not good enough to keep all that magic deep inside of you. It serves no-one any good. Not you, and certainly not us. So why not dream out loud, and show us who you dream of being?

There will always be a bit of apprehension. In a sense dreamers stand naked before the world. Nothing to hide. Nothing to tuck in or adjust. They stand there with their stark dreams, open and vulnerable to the judgments of others. And let’s face it people will judge. Some might even laugh or jeer, or snicker at your audacity to dream instead of being sensible and take what’s coming your way.

But who are you living for? Is this your life or theirs? And more importantly, what makes you think they are right?

We have too many silent dreamers in the world. Good men and women who love and dream passionately, but who hide and shy away from showing anyone what is deep within their hearts.

You don’t have to scream out loud at first. At first, you might start with a whisper, but you do have to reach some sort of decibel level. You have to make a noise that can register sound and be heard by someone, even if it’s the smallest minority of passers by.

You need to dream out loud and it’s not really that hard to do. Living with regret and doubt. Living alone, in loneliness and uncertainly are infinitely harder to do. So whatever fears you may be weathering, fight them. The work is worth it. The fight is wroth you. You are certainly worth it because we’ve never see anything like you, and when you’re gone there might be someone similar but never quite like you.

Dream out loud.

Push air through your wind pipe and make a sound. Say what you want and plan a route how to get it. Plan it. Slap a timeline on that bad boy. Do a cost analysis. Write it all down. Look at it. Breathe and work every angle that presents itself until your dreams count themselves among you.

It’s a mistake to keep your dreams inside. Whatever they are. No matter how silly or how insignificant you think they may be. There is nothing insignificant about your life and nothing silly about your dreams. They are what makes you, well, you.

When you dream, you help other people dream a little too. You help them realize that life is more than a collection of bad stories in a newspaper or cheap laughs on prime time television. Life is full of infinite possibilities and our life is an infinite game. A game we win by dreaming. A game we get to play precisely because we dream. Anything else is just a quiet, desperate struggle to survive.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer William Bayreuther |