Doonesome traces its origins to the ‘its about time I lived a little’ time period of the gibrish language. It means do some something, to do one thing. It is a phonetically challenging call to actions. It of course is a verb. Being a noun would just be silly.

You need to doonesome with the time you were granted today because the ability to doonesome will one day come to an end.

So go and do something and that will make all the difference. Don’t worry about doing it right or wrong. Don’t worry about being judged. Work with your fear, misguided and uninformed as it may be, deep down it really is trying to help you be a happier you.

Go and so something that will bring great joy and meaning to your life. Work on something that won’t take too long to build, but also set out to work on something that will require years of persistent effort. But don’t do anything, or many things, instead pick one thing and focus on it with all your heart.

It has to be one thing, but sometimes we feel that we can multitask. I don’t think we can. Not when it comes to the things that truly matter. I think our dreams are not things we should get to when we retire or have some spare time, because retirement is an illusion and there is no spare time, there is just time.

We can’t multitask our dreams, but like swimming, or driving, if we want to safely arrive or get to the other side, we must use our mind, body and soul to push through until we get where we are going.

Doonesome may have too many vowels and it doesn’t insert itself easily into a sentence but neither is caring about something and dedicating the rest of your life to it.

If you want to fall in love, you have to be prepared and work on being in love every day. Through the ups and the down, through the cheesecake and New Years resolutions. If you want to be creative you have to become a creative. Musicians aren’t musicians because of the hit songs they have playing on a streaming service and can’t be judged by the number of people that come and see them play live. A musician, despite everything, is a musician. (Notice the present word is). A musician, a writer, or a chef is a chef, a writer or a musician because they make music, they write and they prepare gourmet meals.

It is the act of doing something that makes you something. It is the love that makes you a lover. The notes played well or badly that makes you a pianist. And threaded through it all is the word doonesome.

Like me, you need doonesome in your life. Like me, you need to be reminded what that one thing is and disciplined to do something about it. 

I have done my part in reminding you of your great responsibility to your life, and I hope in kindness you will continue to do that for me, or better yet, pay it forward to someone else who might needs a little doonesome in their life too.

Cover photo generously provided by photographer Tim Mossholder.