Don’t worry about tomorrow, because it will come and go, like yesterday, and the day before.

Don’t worry about yesterday, because it’s gone. It has come. It served its purpose. It is done.

So, worry about today.

Right here. Right now.


Take today and live meaningfully. Live deeply, because it’s a moment full of infinite possibilities. It’s a day like no other, brimming with promises and whispers of glorious things. Things you just can’t get at tomorrow. Things you can only and must get at today.

You have a bit of time. So, take advantage of it.

Time is at your service.

Time is your secret weapon because it will not be here tomorrow. For tomorrow, you will reap what you sow, and gather what you plant today.

That’s a lot of flowery words, you might say.

Perhaps, but what do you expect with all this planting and reaping that you’re doing?

I just don’t know a better way to illustrate the importance of getting at something today. And I don’t mean just getting at it but working it with purpose. Dreaming with tenacity. Planning and executing with tremendous determination and focus.

You say you want things, but yet you are unwilling to fight for them.

You say you’re tired, but you’re wasting what needs to be done today. To do something, anything, so that you are but a dash and a pinch of purpose ahead of where you were yesterday. Which might leave you less tired. More invigorated.

You’re afraid to fail but who isn’t?

You’re afraid to make mistakes because deep down you’re worried what people, the same people who have long ago given up their own dreams, might think or say.

Don’t worry about those people. They don’t worry about you and they won’t be there tomorrow. They imprison themselves in their many regrets of yesterday.

You say you need a bit more time, but time is all you have. At least today. At least for a little while longer.

You say you’re not good enough, but you’ve wrongly assumed we have someone else. You’ve wrongly wished we would find someone else to replace you.

There is no replacement.

You’ve all we’ve got.

And we’re glad.

You’re irreplaceable. Unrepeatable and unique.

Stubborn at times? Yes.

Crotchety for a period of time? Absolutely.

With a dirty mouth to boot, when there’s no call for it? Perhaps. On occasion. Yes.

You are who you are.

That is no great matter for concern. We’re ok with it because only you can do what only you can do.

Warts and all. Imperfect as you are.

You make us laugh. You make us cry. You make us think and dance.

You contribute a great deal of meaning to our life and it stings when you brood and worry about tomorrow.

It will hurt when if hide yourself today or on any other day.

So, don’t hide from us. Don’t retreat. Abandon. Forget. Imagine things that are simply not true.

Don’t worry about tomorrow.

Quickly forget the mistakes and failures of yesterday.

Embrace today.

Only worry about today.

Worry about this moment.

Go and do something only you can do.

Until we meet again, my friend.

Have yourself the very best day.