Don’t underestimate the health benefits of cleaning. And I don’t just mean those binge cleaning weekends every spring, or when we’re forced to to a yard sale when we are moving. I am talking about the benefits of looking at what has gathered inside of our house and no longer serves us purpose and letting it go. Of cleaning out what is taking up space so that we can have room to breathe and invite new things in.

I don’t have any scientific evidence for this of course but I do see a deep connection between cleaning and organizing our physical life and what takes shape in our mind. We need to clean our mind too. Simplify things so that we can actually make some progress. When I am overwhelmed with too many things to do, and it seems that there are always too many things to do, I ask myself what is the one thing I can do today to keep moving forward. 

Sometimes that is the only movement I experience that day, but sometimes that little bit of momentum leads me to more momentum and leads me to even more steps.

You should do a little cleaning as well. Clean the counter, reorganize the closet, and clean up all those icons serving no purpose on your desktop. Let the physical world lead you to a better mental world which in turn will manifest better and more wonderful things back in the physical world.

I wish someone would study this because some people go overboard. They clean and clean, organize and organize, and get nowhere. That is not a good way to be either. It’s never good to get stuck in the details and not see the purpose behind cleaning in the first place.

We want to organize things in our life and clean things up because there are so many things we need to invite in. But if we invite them in without organizing and cleaning, they are just going to get lost and not hold their rightful place in our life.

So instead of writing a few more words, I think I’m going to go clean something downstairs. Perhaps there is a little something that needs some organizing in your life as well.


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