Don’t give up.

Don’t give up your dreams and don’t you dare plan a yard sale.

Don’t ever give up on yourself.

No matter what.

There will always be another day. There will always be another moment.

To fix what’s broken. To repair, repurpose, and reconsider.

Time is on your side.

Never forget that.

At times, it may not seem to be, especially when you’re surrounded by raging fires or when you’re in the middle of a vicious thunderstorm. The flames burn hot and the lightning crashes without any concern for your safety.

It feels like nothing matters, and that your persistence doesn’t really make a difference.

You feel so weak and helpless. Tired. Frustrated that your contribution is always immeasurably a touch too short. Too little to count. You feel like it would be much better for everyone involved, if you just stepped aside and let someone else have their turn.

But like the waves that crash upon the sand, life continuously gives you countless opportunities to compose yourself and rise again.

Your feelings are powerful.

No doubt about it.

But they are only an indication of where you are. They do not explain where you have been and are not a reliable to instruct you where you need to go.

Feelings come when they want. They do what they want. They grab a hold of you. Come uninvited. Refuse to leave and sometimes ignore your desperate pleas to stay.

Feelings exhaust your patience and strain your ability to think straight.

But they never last.

They always fade away.

Like raging fires, they eventually burn themselves out. Like powerful thunderstorms, they tire themselves out.

Your life too will get better.

I almost said normal, but I’m not really sure what normal means.

We are all so different. With different stories. Different experiences. Different thresholds to withstand pain and suffering.

What crushes some, motivates others. They rise and lead revolutions.

What is too much for one person, might not be quite enough for another.

We are so amazingly different. So miraculously human.

And it’s important that we allow ourselves to discover what it means to live a meaningful existence, and what contribution we wish to make.  

It’s important that we give ourselves a chance to continue our quest. The impossible dream. Some more time to rage war against the unaccounted windmills of our life.

We need to savour our magical quest because we are so irrefutably interconnected. Each one, interwoven with tiny, little, imperceptible life strings.

Who we are, and what we do, connects us to those we love, and even those, we;ve never had a chance to meet.

You may roll our eyes when someone mentions that we are all part of the human family, but that is exactly what we are.

It is precisely what you need to remember when things aren’t going so well.

We are a dysfunctional, and rather large human family.

So don’t give up.

When you’re down, take comfort that someone else is up.

When you’re tired, take solace that someone else is well rested.

It doesn’t all depend on you.

There is no reason to carry your burden alone.

See your life for what it is.

A spectacular, beautiful, and powerful series of waves, crashing and embracing the sands of life.

Relentlessly. Unapologetically. Unrepeatably.