The best made plans always seem to change. It is inevitable. Yet the way we look at things we imagine things to be stable and expect them to be exactly the same the way we found them, even if that was only fifteen minutes earlier. But the only constant in our life is perpetual change and this is why the wiser we become the more we learn to just go with the flow.

Now going with the flow is different than being a doormat and lacking the necessary courage to make change happen. Going with the flow is not the far distant cousin of laziness or procrastination, it is in fact something we must all learn to master. Without being in the flow we separate ourselves from being in the know.

We definitely need a plan or how else would we know where we are going. We also need some kind of blueprint or map, or how else would we know to zig this way or that? How would we know if we got there or not? We wound’t and so knowing our harbour and having a good compass are a priori tools to any dream making.

But dreams are nothing more than requests from the universe. It is nothing more than a child asking their parent for a shiny new toy, some candy, or an experience. Dreams come from something. They materialize form somewhere, and we are the ones that make it all happen.

But we are not the only ones making requests. The universe is a vast place and seven billion people, not to mention all the other forms of all, all ask and pursue their happiness at their own pace. It’s no wonder therefor that conflict arises, plans change, and what once was is no longer, or that what was impossible some day become possible. Mistakes become tools of success and too much success sometimes becomes the fuel to a unfortunate fire.

Don’t fight the flow. 

Don’t be adverse to change and don’t fight it. Things are never going to be quite the way we want them to be because it is impossible for us to see life as it unfolds itself. We are four dimensional creatures making decision based on a three dimensional reality. We use our senses to best procure what we want, but our spiritual side, the things we cannot see, is as real as the things that we can. This is probably why religion is at the root of a lot of conflict and evil. It is so close to the truth that when it is inauthentic and dirty we respond with tremendous anger and viciousness.

There has to be a reason for our existence. As much as we don’t want to die and don’t want others to die, deep down we know that there has to be a reason. And we can’t fight the flow. Yet this fear and this unconscious trepidation is often the reason why we get stuck in a life we wish was different. It is the reason we don’t know how to bend instead of breaking. The reason for our existence is the reason we can’t let go and just enjoy life as a gift and as it comes.

If you could just go with the flow, which is no easy task, life becomes more meaningful. We leave the conflict of right or wrong, success or failure, and now or never behind. We become more present. More aware. More accepting. We become more human.

So don’t fight the flow.

Don’t get flushed down the toilet either, cause there are interesting characters who don’t have your best in mind.

But do let go. Let life unfold the way it is going to unfold. Go with the flow and fall in love with being alive.

Cover photo generously provided by photographer Marc Zimmer.