I think being done is far better than good, but that doesn’t mean whatever it is we have a passion for has to be done half assed. But if you had a choice, and you do have a choice, between getting at something and getting it done good but not finishing, and getting it done not so good but finishing, the only option if you want success in the long run is to simply forget yourself and get it done.

We start many things, get involved in many things but never finish them, which begs the question why we started them in the first place. These activities and intimates, especially bureaucratic ones are such a waste of time and energy. 

Most of the time we just get at something without any real plans, any real strategy when things get rough, and so we end up in the same place over and over again. With half thought up idea, half finished adventures, and a half lived life. Some are not even that lucky and give up all together living fractures and somewhat desperate lives.

No matter what it is we face, we have to make the choice to be either good or to be done. Done is infinitely better. It is better because when we finish we can choose to do it all over again. It doesn’t matter how we did, but that we did it in the first place and being finished is an invitation to repeat something until we are satisfied and it has not only become good, but in fact great.

You can’t go from good to great without done. It is impossible and time is so precious. Just imagine the time you would have if you could get rid of all the things at work and in your personal life that are just a waste of time. I won’t make a list here, as that would probably be a waste of time and bear very little impact.

I think deep down we are afraid and that is why we never finish, or finish by some miracle or powers beyond our control. I think being done opens us up to judgement, not only by the world but by ourselves. Sometimes what comes out in to the world is not what we thought it would be or look like inside our mind, and we don’t want to own our failure. Mistakes don’t feel too good. They feel awful actually, but there is nothing more awful than a life that is half lived and half drunk.

Now done, has many little tiny little pieces that need to get done and that is how we accomplish anything in life. We don’t after the big idea, but having broken it down in little manageable pieces, we don’t get too far ahead of ourselves, and do the very next thing on the list. This takes discipline and faith. Discipline to execute and finish something each and every day, and faith that the results we cannot see will one day come our way. And they will, and if they do not, our work and effort is always rewarded, because we can channel it in other ways.

Done is better than good, much, much better.

And so I am done wring for today. This may not be the best piece of wring I have done in a while, but that just illustrates my point and with that, I am done.

Cover photo generously provided by photographer Marvin Ronsdorf.