The Hierarchy of Stealing Time

The First Circle:  The Circle of Untouchability

borrow – negotiate – steal

1.  God

It should come as no surprise that the relationship we foster with God is at the top of the Circle of Untouchability.  Yes, my atheist friends have just threw-up a little, but I have confidence in their immortal ability to forgive me and in time, soothe their upset stomach back to health.

If you are dyslexic atheist, you probably fall to the ground and assume the fetal position every time you see a dog, but no matter, I should probably create a less offensive word, pick a gentler noun; perhaps the universe will do the trick. 

Our entire unfathomable galaxy is marvellous.  It is vast and beautiful.  An infinite, ever expanding magic, governed by the sciences and natural law.  Science is never a sign of contradiction.  Nor is the understanding and respect for natural law. 

I put my hope in a person.  I know how it sounds.  I know I’m crazy, but I prefer crazy to the idea of a dark, cold, unintelligent, and randomly moving collection of protons and electrons.

I can’t accept the idea that all that is unfolding before me is not intelligent somehow.  I have no idea how all of it works, I just refuse to believe that I am nothing but a cog.  A sperm (more on that tomorrow). 

I refuse to accept the Darwinian mandate that I need to survive.  That I need to extend the span of our human race.  I utterly reject the notion of survival of the fittest. 

There are days, thankfully not many, where I don’t care much for the human race, and on every other day, I have loftier aspirations than to simply survive.  I don’t live for the weekend.

I want more.  I want to live.  I want to live a meaningful life and when I leave this mortal coil, I want to do so without any regret.  This is who I am.  I make no denial and offer no regret.

No matter. 

It serves no purpose to point out to each other how differently we are able to see the world and our purpose in it, but at the core, you and I, we are describing the same elephant.

God is at the top of the Circle of Untouchability because dreams stem and lead there.  This is the only place where we must never steal time.  Mount Sion is sacred.  The universal laws that govern us are immutable.  What we give, we will get back.  When we refuse to give, will eat at our humanity.   

I’m not saying that you can’t steal time from God, I am just humbly suggesting that it might not be a good idea.  Yes, the Romans did invent the two-seated toilet, but you won’t find my ass sitting in one.  I don’t think I’m alone.  Some things are just not a good idea.

There are things we must never do.  We cannot invent our own meaning of justice.  We cannot decide for ourselves what is right and wrong.  We are governed by universal principals, and no matter your religion you are or if you are free from such archaic notions, I think we all have a human responsibility to be nice to each other.

Contrary to popular opinion, we are not free, nor are our lives determined. 

We are free to define our lives, but we are never free to be an asshole.

You are not alone in the universe.  As John Donne beautifully illustrated; no man is an island. 

You cannot build a little raft on the vast ocean, and tell the other swimmers and vessels that it is your ocean.  Our dreams, big or small, must always include and account for the well-being of everyone.  Every race, religion, sexual orientation, and yes, even Bieber fans. 

We are all interconnected.  We have to develop our innermost desire to see everyone succeed.

The Circle of Untouchability is fairly small. 

There is not much we cannot do about that.

No matter how small or how big our dreams, we can never borrow, negotiate, or steal time if it  brings other people down. 

This is barbarous. 

Those aren’t dreams.  They are nightmares.

Give to God what is God’s, and since Caesar is dead, give back to those around you, and take only what you need.

It’s rather simple.

Don’t be an asshole.  Even an asshole with a dream.