"The reason why the world lacks unity, and lies broken and in heaps, is,

because (human beings) are disunited with (themselves)."

– Ralph Waldo Emerson   


This is the post I probably shouldn't write.  However, I will leap and assume the fetal position and brace myself for the sharp projectiles which are probably already hurling in my direction.

I was in awe of the spirit and beautiful energy of millions of women around the world, standing up and marching for injustices that simply must be fixed in our lifetime.  As a husband of an incredible woman, and a father of a young daughter, making her way in this world, we really need equality.  This means having proper and equal access to education, protection of our natural environment, access to healthcare, fair wages, freedom of speech, freedom to choose who you love, and freedom of religion.

I hope and pray for continuous progress, but it looks like we are simply too stubborn and disunited from ourselves. We are broken.  We cannot let go of the past and unite unconditionally. 

I was sad that pro-life women were denied access to an international march, even though there are so many reasons to do so.  Sadly, political views and ideologies, have broken us and robbed us from a deeper and far reaching movement. 

I'm not pointing fingers here.  I'm not saying that one side is better than the other.  I'm not implying that there is no crazy in either cause.  That would be terribly silly of me.  I just wish being a woman was enough sometimes.

I'm sad and discouraged.

An announcement was made today that the plans for the Keystone Pipeline will continue.  Out with the old, in with the new. 

I can't help to think of all those beautiful Native American and Native Canadian leaders that have pleaded with both heads of our nations, to uphold the treaties signed in good faith.  This is not something that requires extraordinary action or vision.  It is simple.  Respect the treaties.  Honour the people that signed them.  Brew a cup of coffee and move on.

We are nothing but a fragile caricature of what we think ourselves to be.  Every day we continue to heap more dung on the already overflowing mountain of human history.  When will it be time to use that fertilizer to grow something beautiful?

Enough mushrooms. 

Let's honour ourselves.  Let's unite with one another without pretext or conditions.

I invite everyone for a walk, for absolutely no reason.