There are days when I wonder what this daily writing routine does for the rest of my life. It has become a habit of mine in the last two years and I don’t know what I would do with myself if I stopped. I’m not planning to stop, I’m just musing on what life would be like and the daily struggle to come up with something meaningful to say does for me.

In short I don’t know. 

I could throw a bunch of nice words at you to impress you but when I really think about it I really don’t know what it does. But not knowing and not seeing the threads in my life doesn’t mean that it isn’t a very important part of my life. 

It sure is. 

I don’t remember ever being so clear headed and disciplined about anything in my life. My life was full of phases. Do a little bit of this for a while and trade it in for a touch of that and do it until something different comes along. 

Writing has stuck with me and I think it’s because it is letting me think and reflect. Writing lets me connect and feel and there is really nothing like it in the world. Except maybe all the other artistic endeavours like painting, or drawing or music. I am skipping a few, but you didn’t come here to read a long winded list of all the possible art activities you may or may not get into.

Writing lets me be who I am at the moment that I am. It lets me experience the ups and the downs. The glorious moments and the not so nice lows, except I don’t really write about those too much. I write them inside of my mind.

I think discipline is the key to happiness. 

You have to sacrifice something. Pick something you’re passionate about and make it the most important part of you. I don’t think it can be done any other way. Passion and meaning are not a part time thing. They require a daily commitment and your full heart.

I’m not really sure what I am going to do with all of these words but that really doesn’t concern me. It is a lot easier to do something with what is there than to regret things that are not. In the end these verbs and nouns might simply exist here, on this website, for as long as it is live, or they may find another purpose in a book.

I hope you find the discipline to pursue the things you love to. And there isn’t just one. Once you get at one thing, and it’s going well, it is amazing how quickly other loves spring to the surface. Than it becomes a matter of management, but I’ll save that for another time.


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