Change is easy.

We all do it and we do it often. 

Just ask yourself how many times we have joined a gym and quit?  How many times we have begun to eat better and quit?  How many times we have vowed to watch less and read more, talk less and write more, or perhaps be less connected and become more involved?

We have experienced change often in our lives.  We can change right now if we want to.  What is hard however, is the momentum necessary to sustain that change.  The difficult part is building a lasting habit that will anchor us where we want to be.  We have not reached our harbour yet. What is truly hard is our will to stay hungry and stay foolish.

When we choose change, we inevitably set ourselves on a path that brings challenges.  They hide, but they always arrive.  Sometimes they even bring friends with long sticks.

How do we fight these challenges? 

We dig ditches.

We need to learn a lesson from construction workers.  They work all year long and there is never a good reason to stop digging.

I have never stopped being a son, or a brother.  I have never ceased to be a father or a husband. 

It doesn't matter what the weather is doing, how I feel, what I think, or if the Universe has conspired against me.  I remain who I am.  My love never changes.  Someone has to dig the ditch, and you're the only one holding a shovel.

When the flu comes, we feel rotten, but we must keep diggin'. 

When we lose our job, we will be scared and uncertain, but must keep diggin'. 

When we face arguments, criticism, or laughter, we must just keep diggin'.

Lets make a vow today to keep diggin' ditches.

Whatever change you seek, or whatever dreams you imagine, resolve to live and be at peace with fear and uncertainty.


When you get to the yield sign, and that little voice inside your head, the one that seemed to go mute, but now hands you a apple and tells you how great life was and wants you to go back again – dear God, don't listen.

Pick up your shovel.  Straighten your back and breathe.

Breathe deep and keep diggin'.