I have written about the stories we tell ourselves before. We create the life we live in our mind and then we set out to prove ourselves right. If we say we suck at something, you can bet that you will suck at something. We all do it. We are story tellers, but its important to choose the type of story you really want to tell.

Take daylight savings as an example. I guess I could google it right now to get all the facts right but I’m not. I’m perfectly happy speculating that daylight savings was was introduced by Nazi Germany in order to gain an hour or two of productivity as electricity wasn’t what it is today. That’s what I remember anyhow. Fast forward to today and yesterday, once again we moved the clocks back one hour so that they can go forward an hour in the spring. Who does this help?

It certainly didn’t help my kids who didn’t know what time it was all day. It didn’t help my dog who was wondering why he wasn’t being fed at the exact same time he had been for the last six months and he will be surprised when we feed him an hour early a half a year from now.

Daylight savings is like the memorization of the times table. There was a time the world did not have computers or even calculators and so committing to memory formulas that you would use every day was a very bright thing to do. But today, I have Siri and a calculator anywhere I go, and anytime I need it. So why do we still teach it in school? If we have all the electricity we need and can generate more, why do we still insist on playing around with the sun? It doesn’t make a difference but its such a long story that has been told for such a long time that it will undoubtedly continue for a long while. Unless you live in Saskatchewan that is. Saskatchewan does not entertain the madness of daylight savings. Why? Because they have written a different story. A story that makes more sense, if not to the rest of us than at least to them.

So what about you? What stories do you tell yourself? Pick one and work hard this week to begin to write a different one.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@jontyson