If you don’t love yourself, nothing will ever change.

Nothing will ever happen.

As a human race, we have run, drove, and flown the surface of the earth, countless number of times over.  We have dipped our bodies into the immense oceans, and continue to explore the depth of the stars.  Yet. The most challenging distance for any person, is not out there, it is inside.  It is the rift between our mind and our heart.

Those few precious centimeters often feel insurmountable.

We just don’t believe we can.

We want to lose weight.  We want to find the love of our life.  We want to be great examples for our children.  We want wealth, health, and happiness.  We want everything, it seems, except ourselves.

Except ourselves.

Nothing is ever going to happen in your life is you don’t learn to accept yourself as a unique person of great heritage and limitless destiny.  You have been marked with the blueprint of greatness.  You were not a mistake.

All the major religions in the world explain that our universe was built by a magnificent grand architect.  Now, we can argue, and we do, often.  We argue violently sometimes over who or what this architect is.  We argue over the details and we find fault in what we don’t understand.  We forget the most important truth that this wondrous and divine intelligence, shared His life with us.

When you chip at a piece of gold, you will get gold.  When you split a diamond, you are left with another diamond.  We are creatures of a divine intelligence.

We were born in greatness.  We were born for greatness.

If we observe the universe, we will come to understand that the architect of the universe is powerful and good.  If we share in the same substance than you and I also bare those same divine qualities, and possess the blueprint to greatness.

I can hear your objection. 

You have a shitty job.  A shitty apartment.  A shittier car and a boss who is a dick.  Literally.  His name is Richard; Dick for short.

You face many battles and adversities.  You are reading this with a sceptical eye, and a half open mind, wondering how it could be that you are great.   

You just see your mistakes.

But mistakes are events.  You are a person and you are great.

Nothing in your life will change, unless you let go of your stubbornness, and leap into the uncomfortable discovery of who you really are.

Once you come to accept that you were born to leave your mark on our collective human existence, you will find that you either have everything you need to be happy, or you realize that although you might not be quite ready right now, you have the means and ability of obtaining the things you need to complete your mission.

You are great and you live in an abundant universe.

You never get anything because you never really ask.  There is no passion in your voice.  There is no persistence in your action. 

You never learn because you never study.  You don’t lose weight because you don’t exercise and plan ahead, what you are going to put in your mouth.  You are single, not because you are unlovable, but because your underwear is a little too tight, and you are not a very pleasant person to be around.  You are kind of prickly.

It’s time to be humble and accept your greatness.

Leave your arrogance behind. 

Let it go. 

Your life of believing that you are nothing more than a useless teat on a bull, is misguided and it serves nobody any good. 

So, love yourself.

Believe in who you are and see who you are going to be.

Figure out what you need.  Ask for it.  Work for it.  Get it.

Focus on helping others.

Don’t go to your death with your song unsung.

Dare to be great.