The best way to spot counterfeit money, if you work at a bank, is to never train or be exposed to much of it. It seems counter intuitive at first, but the truth is that by handling one banknote after banknote of the genuine article, it is not too difficult to spot something counterfeit. So, in order to be happy and realize your dreams, you cannot do things that will make you unhappy and prohibit you from going where you want to go.

You cannot handle counterfeit things in your life and expect to learn anything about the genuine thing. You have to handle something good, positive and real. Only then will you be able to be who you want to be.

So stop handling counterfeit money as a means of learning how to get ahead.

Another way to illustrate this point is through a spill that happened a few years ago. A transport truck, carrying a load of the smell which is added to gas, so it can be easily detected, and save lives, rolled over spilling its contents. The truck driver was fine, and besides the physical spill, there was no danger, except the growing concern of the citizens of that town because they could smell the gas.

This created a problem. Should the evacuate the town or not? In reality there was no danger what so ever to anyone in the town, but the warning signal was sent that there was. So the authorities decided that it was best to evacuate the town. They evacuated the town not because there was any clear and present danger, but because the danger was lurking far in the future. The danger was that the citizens of this town stopped obeying the danger signs when they smelled gas. So they were made to do something right then and there, that would possibly save them from themselves in the future.

There are many things you and I can do in our lives that will save ourselves from ourselves in the future and what we have to do is never handle counterfeit dollar bills.

Don’t let yesterday, or what was done in the past in your family and country, determined who you wish to be and where you want to go. What happened yesterday was an event that ended yesterday. Today is a day with new possibilities, and tomorrow is a day that will be built not from you did or didn’t do yesterday, but precisely from the decisions and actions you take today.

You can’t possibly believe that spending time with people who gossip or are negative about life will lead you to anything in the future, except a little more of the same old same old. And if you don’t steal some time away from what you have always done, and devote that time to something you dream of pursuing, how are you ever going to get where you are going? You won’t.

So avoid counterfeit money and handle the virtues things in your life instead. Take care of your body, your mind and your spirit. Meet for coffee with people who are happy or are trying to be happy. Read books that tell you that you can, instead of history books that chronicle our inevitable demise. Watch good television, follow inspirational people on social media, and try to make a little difference in someones life, each and every day.

Heed the warnings, when you smell them. Perceived or real. It doesn’t matter. Warnings are there for a reason. Good habits have been developed for a reason. Once you have them, allow them to continue work for you. Don’t panic or change too many things.

Focus on good things and in time it is inevitable that good things will come out.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Neonbrand via