Comparison has its time and place but often it doesn’t nothing more than simply get in the way. Yesterday it got in the way. I saw some photographs of a successful photographer I know and I started second guessing everyrthing that I was doing. I see every move I make as hard and that didn’t feel too good.

I am getting smarter and so I didn’t stay in this state for very long. Instead I started to imagine again what the people will say in the future, once they have had a chance to work with me and get to know me. I focused on a future I have, instead of a present with distorted coloured glasses.

Comparison is very necessary to growth, after all how would we ever know that we are getting better, but comparison united with the notion of scarcity is deadly. Comparing our lives to other people is often done with the idea of scarcity. In school we know that there are only a handful of really super smart honour roll kids. We realize that there are only a few painters, a few great athletes, and few dreamers. There is probably no room for us, but there is room. There is lots of room and lots of opportunity. 

We can’t let ourselves stop before we begin, or compare before we are ready to compare equally measured things. 

It’s kind of funny that people who are fit sometimes shame and make fun of overweight people at the gym. It’s funny because that person is there. They realize where they are and where they want to go. They are doing something about it, and what is their reward? An unfair comparison and a whole lot of gossip.

Now gossip is never good and in this particular case misdirected. If anyone deserves to be shamed or made fun of its the person who has decided to do nothing about nothing but even they should be spared because we don’t know who they are and why they are. It is best just to mind our business.

My thoughts are flowing all over the place so it might be a good place to stop. Stop and realize that we really do live in an abundant universe. There is lots of room for more dreamers. There is lots of room for more dreams. We have to make sure we help each other remember and that will make a huge difference for everyone.


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