On the outside you can’t see it. On the inside you can’t really feel it because feelings flee fast and you’re left all alone. Alone with the task of where you want to go. A task that must be pursued with commitment and discipline.



Easily said, not so easily done, yet I think that’s a bunch of bullshit.

I still wake up at 4:02 am because I decided to do so. Not a single day goes by without me doing something about my writing or photography because I find the discipline to do so. Commitment and discipline are choices we make. Decisions we have to put ahead of everything else, not because they are more important than our family or our work, but because our love for our family and our commitment to work don’t need any help. What we want out of life needs help, and so it can’t sit in the shadow of something else. Our dreams need to be in the front.

We need to put them first. Wake up with them. Think about them every day, and go to bed planning what to do next.

It’s a healthy obsession. It truly is, and commitment and discipline are not magical. They are just choices and only you have can make them for yourself.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@jaanus