This is the first time in my life that I have hired a coach. Although I cannot speak of any financial results being only a month or so in, but I can certainly testify to the immense focus and attention to detail hiring a coach does for you.

There are many types of coaches. You might consider a mindfulness coach if you are always negative and think that good things are never going to come your way. You can hire a music coach, a rowing coach, a painting coach, or whatever your heart desires. What is most important that you hire them. 

Yes, it will cost money and the better the coach the more money you will spend, but it is all relative. Someone with more experience is just going to bring you where you need to go much faster and that is definitely something to consider.

I consider myself lucky. I really love my coach. She is a photographer who I have admired for years and has a great sense of humour. Humour is important to me so to have someone on your side that isn’t offended by juvenile humour is a real nice bonus. She is also a no nonsense kind of woman. I make suggestions and they are either good or they get shut down quick. I am so glad for that because I can get stuck in one or a dozen rabbit holes all the time.

I cannot tell you enough how uplifted my spirit is that I’m not in this photography business on my own. There are so many little tiny decisions that need to be made on what to invest on, what to focus on, where to find clients, how to serve those clients and the list goes on and on. My spirit is very much soaring and I’m am making more progress now than I have in the last fifteen years of trying. Mind you, that was not wasted time, it gave me the skill set I have today, without which I would have nothing to change in the first place.

I am not telling you that you need a coach. Ok, maybe I am. It doesn’t have to be full time either. It could be for short bursts of time. If you’re taking music lessons for example and struggling with something, it might serve you well to take a workshop or try a new technique with someone else. But its not just music. You can find a mentor/coach for cake decorating, for water colour painting.

We live in such a wonderful time in human history that it doesn’t take much time or effort to reach out and find someone that will make us realize our dreams.

Hiring a coach was the right thing to do. I can’t believe I hesitated. I think when I look back a year from now, I will have a smile and thank myself for doing what I have never done before.


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