There are many discussions about climate change today and rightly so because many people are worried about the health and stability of our beautiful planet. The conversation is important but if our efforts are to have any lasting impact we must first focus on the climate that has to change inside our minds.

There is nothing worse than a polluted mind. Polluted with fear. Anxious and uncertain. That is where we are to begin because you cannot make any difference out there, if you first don’t set out to make a difference in here (pointing at the heart).

The climate of our inner life has to change. We need to avoid the wild winds of gossip that bring nothing but terror or misery. We must avoid giving in to nasty thoughts about ourselves which fester and poison our being.

It all starts and ends with us. Starts and ends with our minds and the kind of climate we create in our interior life. The life that we live on the inside is the kind of life we are going to witness on the outside. It is so, and it has always been so.

We have conquered the sky and we have managed to land on the moon, yet the longest distance between anything in the universe is the distance between two human hearts. The space between them seems infinite, but it is not. Not if we change the climate in which we live in.

Start by replacing the word someday with today and let go of statements like I can’t and it’s too late, and embrace I can and it shall be so.

Change the climate of the mind and everything else will follow.


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