I don’t think I celebrate enough.

I have been told that several times recently and I cannot really defend myself. And by celebrate I don’t mean big glamorous parties or anything. I mean taking the time to pat yourself on the back, maybe treat yourself to dinner, or something else that seems fitting.

I’m not even sure if I know how to celebrate.

My whole life I have just worked. I’ve done a lot of accepting of the way things are and resigned myself to letting things be what they are. It is not a terrible way to live by any means but it is not a way to be happy.

Mind you, I do celebrate, its just that I don’t know how to celebrate enough.

I heard a phrase yesterday that really stuck with me. That which is rewarded gets repeated. We are no different than other animals on our planet. What we are good at and what makes us feel good, really feel good, we repeat over and over again. 

The little victories matter because in the end its all little victories. That’s what life is made up of. Tiny atoms. Little neutrons and electrons, all working together to make it go boom here and there and everywhere. 

It’s amazing how important talking to successful, happy people is. Who you spend time with and get advice from is what your life is going to be like. Many of us know and understand this, but we still keep ourselves in the company of unhappy people. We try to measure up to their expectations, instead of dreaming bigger, and surrounding ourselves with people that reflect those dreams.

I’m going to get myself a hot cup of coffee in a moment. I am going to raise it and look foolish and make a toast. A toast to the completion of this journal entry. A celebration of work well done. 

I will take a moment to celebrate and look for the next moment and do it again.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@ianstauffer