You are better served as a human being to cast your net deep instead of throwing it wide.

Wide is sparkly but terribly shallow.

Deep is better.

It is slower. Forgettable. Frustrating and fickle, but casting your net deep will arm your magnificent spirit. Casting deep will unite your multidimensional being. Feed your soul. Give you a reason to smile in the morning. Lend you strength to shoulder your pain and suffering.

But it won’t make your struggles any lighter. No, it won’t.

It’s not magic.

If you need some sparkles and rainbow magic, try throwing wide, but you’ll have to cast often.

Casting deep will not make your pain or disappointments disappear. You will never forget. There will always carry your scars and wounds. You will always remember. But casting your life into the deep will give you unbelievable meaning and with meaning comes deep peace and uplifting courage.

The courage to stand tall. To call bullshit, bullshit. To do the things that need doing, and to let go of things you should have let go of, long, long time ago.

But what does it mean to go deep?

It means having less friends but seeing them more often. Too often, sometimes.

It’s not how many people come to your funeral that matters, but rather who will lay flowers on your grave when everyone else is gone and forgets where you’re even buried.

It means not doing everything, but doing something.

It means not being the best, but doing your best and being.

Take music for example.

For ten bucks a month you can subscribe to all the music in the world. You can have access to everything. Musical performances cast so wide, you will never find the time to enjoy or listen to any of them.

Sure, you will hear them, and you do, but you will never listen and you don’t.

Cast deeper.

Why not pick one artist. Why not pick one album. Why not listen to it for several weeks? The way they were mean’t to be. Why not gaze at the artwork? With some intensity. Why not dream about what it all means? Why not listen and spin that record several times over, in order to catch the complexity of the melodies? Why not try to understand the meaning of the words? Struggle with what they mean? Struggle with what the artist was thinking and how it applies to your life?

Why not cast deep?

Wouldn’t you be better served?

We live in a shallow society. A wide society with a drive through mentality. We live a fast paced existence that makes us very tired and restless. We rev ourselves up and than we can’t sleep. So we find the right doctor, no matter how long it takes to find them, so they can prescribe the right pill, so we can get back to sleep once again.


We live in a world where getting a cup of coffee in less than thirty seconds is an affront to progress.

This is why you need to cast deep.

Cast people out into the desert of go bitch somewhere else.

Stop reading the nasty headlines.

Stop rushing and fluttering about everywhere.

Learn to stand still.

Learn to cast deep.

Know who you friends are, and their friendship tried,

hold on to them for dear life with hoops of steel.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Zoltan Tasi via