We barely read yesterdays news, and already we are knee deep in death, titillation, and Trump stories.

Why are we in a rush to forget.  To move on, and turn the page.  Human stories that are capable of touching lives and making us richer do not appear in the news very often.  They are rare because they have to be exceptional in order to over leap the dark side of our human nature.  They simply don't make profit.  Since I have no stake in the news, I don't have an ounce of interest in today's broadcasts.  I want to remember yesterday.  Like Eeyore, I refuse to budge an inch.

On February 8th, 2017, because of stormy weather, an Air Canada flight heading for Toronto from Newfoundland was rerouted to Fredericton, New Brunswick.  I can only imagine the exhaustion and frustration everyone was feeling.

Upon arrival in Fredericton, and because of the unexpected late hour, passengers were tired and hungry.  Thankfully though, they were given a $10 food voucher from an Air Canada employee at the airport.  Some of the passengers inquired about the usefulness of the voucher.  It seemed like a valid question since everything at the airport was closed.  It seems a $10 voucher was as useful as teets on a bull, or so they say.

I can only imagine the tension and absurdity of reason.  John Samms, a passenger on that flight to Toronto said an Air Canada employee insisted that "there was absolutely nothing that we can do here". 

Interesting choice of words. 

Absolutely – meaning totally and completely. 

Nothing – meaning nil, zero, nada. 

These are the stories I live for and why I have a big soft spot, deep in my heart, for the beautiful people of the Maritimes. 

At that exact moment, when those rusty bureaucratic wheels were in full motion, Captain Westjet swooped in holding five warm and tantalizing pizzas.  "Hey guys, I'm from Westjet and we do things differently, want some pizza?", John Samms recalled the pilot saying.

Can you imagine?  It seems that people at Westjet are masters of the impossible.  They defy science and reason.  They do ordinary things that seem impossible and absolute.

How much funnier would the story be if those $10 vouchers came with an expiration date.  I hope someone does some investigative reporting here, although the child in me has already reached his conclusion.

Air Canada made the following statement after this became news. 

"Unfortunately the food service was closed but thankfully, a caring customer, an airline employee himself, so truly empathetic to the situation, stepped up and helped out. We have spoken to him, thanking him and are truly grateful for his generous spirit."

Really?  A customer?  An airline employee?  Do the words Westjet burn in the throat?  Is it really that difficult, when you've shat your pants, to acknowledge the person who wiped your ass?

He didn't just help out.  He was a hero.  Too many times we just stand by and do absolutely nothing.  We are not much different than Air Canada and this is not a time to feel superior.  This is not a story about failure, or a time to bash a corporation.  It is our bat signal to become a heroine.

This is a story about us.  How often to we think that things are impossible and determined.  We waste our time moaning and groaning about our lives.  We watch instead of living.  We wait for signs instead of leading.

Air Canada offered all the passengers a 25% discount on their next flight.


If I was a betting man, I would say that all the passengers are going to fly Westjet.  Hell, I'm going to fly Westjet, and I wasn't even on that flight. 


Because in Canada, we will have stormy weather again.  If I am to be stranded on a desert island with someone, I don't want it to be a voice of ignorance, I want Captain Westjet.