What is the measurement by which we measure our happiness? 

This is probably a tough question to answer because I don’t think there is one measurement but in every aspect of our lives we measure ourselves by something different. For example when we are at work we measure ourselves by how efficient and good we are at what we are asked to do relative to the wage we are brining in. If you’re underperforming, you could simply be in the wrong field, but often, we don’t quit, but carry the toll of not quite measuring.

Checking in to see by what we measure ourselves is important. It is important how because how else are we to know where and who we are.

Easier said than done but not impossible.

Take my life for example. I look at the family that I have and how much joy we have together that I don’t take too many things seriously, or I don’t make them as important as other people might make them. I have learned that there is only one me and if I worry, or obsess this or that the only thing that is for certain is that I have less time for the people I love and the things I love to do.

It is important to measure like by like and not take on measurements developed by other people. I could get down on myself for my podcast because it is coming along painfully slowly. To date I have recorded about three minutes worth of content and not in good quality either. So if I measure that against people who are leaps and bounds ahead of me I might be tempted to give up, but that is not going to happen. I am where I am because I know that a full time job and meaningful time with my family doesn’t leave much time to pursue other things at the moment. Podcasting and writing requires dedicated hours which I am only able to steal sporadically at the moment.

And so I keep going because life is not a hundred meter race. It is not a marathon either. That’s just a hundred meter race with more distance and added time. What life is a big ass question. Maybe two. How do you like it? What do you think?

I have to say that I like it. I like it a lot and I think I’m gonna keep plugging away because I like plugging.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@nevenkrcmarek