The Buddha was on to something. Probably a lot many things that I am slowly realizing as I get older and one of them is definitely becoming present. Present by not getting overwhelmed with all the demands on our time because our idea of time is fragmented at best. 

We think we don’t have time for this or that but in fact we secretly choose to make or not make time for this or that. In reality there is no time. It is just an organizational tool. A good one, don’t get me wrong, but at the end of the day, no different than a pen or a hammer. 

Time is here to serve us. Not the other way around.

For this reason we need to be present. Comfortable in knowing that nothing is worth more than our peace and happiness. Now of course you have to be productive. I’m not suggesting we all undertake a life long nap in all things important. I am simply saying that our peace of mind is something we have to work for an constantly take care of because the people we work with and the world we live in will not be doing so.

People will push you to do all kinds of things. Not because they are mean but because they are being pushed by other people to do all kinds of things too. 

It’s important to know when to ignore and even subvert their demands so that we can be present. Truly present. Fully aware of where we are and who we are on time.

I had a very strange thing happen this morning. I begin my drive with five minutes of deep breathing, followed by five minutes of naming all the people and things I am grateful in my past, present and future. I than follow all of that with five minutes of incantation. Short little statements I voice out loud with certainty, so that I can change how I view the things which are holding me back from who I want to be.

I have to be honest that I do occasionally swear a little bit and this morning was no exception, except for some reason I said “like fucking butter” in a very Saturday Night Live type of way and I started laughing at myself. I don’t remember the last time I laughed out loud when I have been alone, let alone laugh at myself for being silly.

My sense of joy might get lost on you. It might have been one of those you had to be moments but the important part is that you too have to be present. Aware how wonderful and beautiful you are and that nothing should ever interfere with that.


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