There are so many things I could write about today. 

I have a radio interview Wednesday to discuss my Quintessential Quotables 1 book. I am still so unbelievably inspired by the great music I experienced on the weekend. Yesterday and today were spent cleaning up my office and donating things so I can purge and let go of some stuff.

There are many things I could write about today but I really want to speak about the crucial importance of moving forward if you are serious about realizing your dreams or on a smaller scale experiencing even a modest amount of success. 

It is being clearer each and every day that everything we do is connected and it doesn’t matter how well or how much we do. What is most important is to stay in the game.

There game we are very good at playing is the finite game. The game of completion; of punishment and reward. That is the game we were taught to play when we went to school, and that is the game that provides all the headlines. But infinite game is far more rewarding to play and quite frankly the only one that matters.

Let’s take music for example. The finite game of music is to write and record songs that become big hits so that the artists dreams come true both in terms of popularity and financial reward. However, the real musicians play an infinite game. They love music and root for one another. They care about writing and performing new material, instead of becoming a live Karaoke act.

Bob Dylan is a prime example. He is a legend. He has won the Nobel Prize for literature, being the only musician to have done so, and yet I hear people complain over and over again when they go to his concert. He just stands there. He didn’t play any of his hits. It was terrible. 

It was not terrible and its a matter of perspective. The people who don’t enjoy his shows are looking for something that doesn’t exist. They want an experience. They don’t want to anything new. They want something finite. Something familiar. Something ordinary. What Bob Dylan provides is something unique. New music for better or for worse.

He is a great example of playing an infinite game. A game where there are no winners and losers. A game that doesn’t end if you don’t want it too. A game you can play as little or as much as you want. 

Infinite games are fun and we should play more of them.


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