This may not be a very popular sentiment but I don’t understand nor do I get swept up in the excitement of Black Friday. I just don’t get it. Probably because I am not a business who needs to turn a luck luster year into real profits.

I don’t get it because I try to live my life differently. One single day when people buy things at a discount is very enticing until you realize that a lot of what will be purchased will probably be purchased on credit. Not to mention that things will be purchase because someone else said it is a big deal.

When you see a 50% discount that does indeed feel very impressive. A pair of jeans is no longer $150 but a steal of a price at $75, plus tax of course. But the truth is the $75 pair of jeans probably still has a profit margin of maybe seventy dollars? 

I mention all this not because I don’t want companies to earn money or for people to feel like they have gotten great deals. Who am I to judge. I just mention it because all of the excitement over one day of shopping has a bad habit of seeping into our regular lives. We can make the mistake of treating the things we love to do in a Black Friday matter. We are either all go or simply stop.

That is not a good way chase your dreams. Those dreams need to be chased in a deliberate matter because the best short cut is the long way. Purposeful action, done each and every day that goes unnoticed until it becomes something and everyone wonders why you are so special or is jealous of how lucky you are.

I am not going to do much on Friday except maybe get a coffee. I have everything I need and that includes all the days of the week, not to mention a rainbow of colours.


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