It’s getting better every day. That is my daily mantra no matter the weather or my mood. When I am up it is a reminder to celebrate and be grateful for the life I live. When I am down it is a reminder that being down doesn’t mean defeat because every day and in every way things are getting better and better. Getting better every day.

It’s not easy to live out but I’ve managed to consciously embrace this way of life in most recent years. I’m not sure why it took me so long to get to this point in my life, but now that I am here I wouldn’t change a single thing. I wouldn’t even go back to change things. I want to keep things exactly how they are because my heart is full of nothing but gratitude for all that I have and everyone who holds a special place in my heart.

This morning while driving to work I was thinking how lucky we are to be alive in this century. I’m not sure how many people appreciate the invention of the internet. The railway and the highway connected us by making travel easier. The industrial revolution made it possible for us to advance and share the world’s resources, but the internet revolution is something else.

Through the power of the internet we are all connected to one another. Think about that! A person sneezes in Zimbabwe and we feel a little gust of wind at the back of our neck. Ok. That probably doesn’t happen and if it did, it would be terribly unsanitary, but the metaphor works.

The greatest gift we all have is the ability to connect with one another through various social networks that have sprung up over the years. The sad part of it all is that while we have conquered great distances and have our eyes set on space exploration, the invention of the internet has shown us how vast of a distance there is between our minds and our hearts, and the hearts of others.

In a sense, many of us don’t use social media, that very media uses us. It seduces us to read this or care about that. People have fights over issues they don’t even understand and all under two hundred or so characters. But regardless of what the masses do or don’t do, there is a very rich opportunity for all of us to connect with one another or to connect with our own dreams in a real and unequivocal matter.

This is why every day is getting better and better and I hope that the distance between your mind and your heart grows smaller and smaller. I hope the connection between your heart and that of another grows deeper too.


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