Yesterday, late in the evening, my body spoke up and told me that I better get into shape if I’m to be successful in my photography business. I need to get back to the gym as soon as possible, and looking back it is very strange why I stopped to begin with. 

I don’t think my body would have said anything for a long time but the organized frenzy of movement that’s required in order to get that spectacular photo requires a cost.

It’s funny.

We are so good in so many areas of our lives but its as though we are not meant to juggle all of them. And it does feel like juggling! We are multi dimensional beings. We require health of the body, mind, and spirit. We have sexual needs, psychological needs, and intellectual needs. That’s a lot of needs and a whole lot of things that can distract us.

I’m learning that as one aspect of my life reaches a great level, another part of my life starts to languish behind. It seems to be the rhythm of life. The way things are supposed to be, but it’s important to keep improving in all dimensions of our lives because there is always room for growth.

We never stop growing. Our mind and our spirit are limitless and free. Our bodies are finite and burdened with limitation. But I think it all works somehow. Our bodies limit and harness the mind in a way that would be impossible if it were to be and do anything. Our very bodies give our mind a focus. A pair of hands and feet to walk this way or that. 

Our bodies on the other hand become much richer because the mind gives it a reason to exist in the first place. Otherwise we are nothing more than a cog in a predestined food chain diner. 

I’m very grateful for limitations and a bit of stiffness, quite frankly. It’s all a sign that things are they way they are meant to be, but of course, things can always get better.

Things can take a better shape.


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