It’s been a really rough week but it’s over. Unlike the majority of people waking up this morning, I welcome the coming of a new Monday. Regardless if it’s been a challenging week, or a wonderful week, change and new beginnings should always be most welcome. Without question and without resistance.

I think the key to our happiness is our ability to bend. Bend to the whimsical will of the universe. To bend without complaint and welcome change.

I will spare you the details of my week, but it’s been very lonely. I’m not sure why this happens but on occasion I get very melancholy, but over the years I’ve learned to accept it and work with it, instead of rage and fight against it. I go to bed earlier. I don’t think about the future too much. I ignore most of what my mind dreams up and chase away the negative thoughts about myself.

I am not as far as I hoped to be with publishing my Quintessential Quotables series. I do not feel fully prepare to deliver a workshop on Fear this Wednesday. I’ve had a wonderful creative photo shoot a week ago, and now the hard and demanding work of editing is calling. This is on top of the daily writing I undertook, the full time teaching job I respect and am grateful for. This on top the daily demands of husbandhood and fatherhood. Leaf pick up. Garbage pick up. Cleaning. Birthday parties and hockey practices.

If you don’t bend, you’re going to break. And if you break you’re going to stop and it will take a very long time for you to recover and spring back to your feet. This is why bending to the will of life is better. It’s not the popular choice but it is the mature thought.

I have become keenly aware that when it comes to our wellness and our happiness, the time it takes is not our own. My mom always reminded me on really frustrating days that ‘man proposes but God disposes’. We pray and dream. We work and sweat, but we arrive when the universe deems us ready to arrive.

It’s a beautiful poetic dance really. Life leads us and challenges us in so many ways, testing us if we really want something. Testing if we will be grateful if we get it and most importantly, is this for ourselves and our own selfish motives, or is this something that will benefit other people. The angels of our better nature come a lot quicker if we are involved with tasks that help us be great and enrich all of humanity.

I hope you learn to bend as well. I sincerely hope you are very bendy and manage to absorb what the day or week, or month or even a series of years throws your way.

You should definitely bend because it serves nobody any good if you come to break. 

There is no reason to be broken, especially since there is always another sunrise, another Monday, and endless amount of opportunities and possibilities to get it right.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Mahkeo via