We live a very fractured existence.

Part of it is very natural. As human beings we were meant to find the balance between our bodies, minds, and souls. The pursuit of balance is difficult enough, but then you tack on seven billion other human beings who are also looking for balance, and very active and unrelenting eco system, and it’s only all too easy to get a little overwhelmed and lose yourself.

We were not born to do. We are not ants or bees. We don’t work for a Queen and God doesn’t expect us to be his slave, a prisoner who is chained up and held without a voice. We were born to be. Born to be and become someone. To shape and share our being with others. That is what will make us happen and that is what gives us great meaning. Being, not doing.

But to be, you have to be present. You cannot be fractured and broken. Be in several places at the same time. You cannot be restless, half present, chasing your own talk. You have to learn to be. Being present is what will give you the strength and peace get through tough times and to reach new heights.

Life is about being. It’s about this very moment, because there is no past, just as there is no future. There is only right now and right now, you are either with us, or you are lost and fractured.

Choose to be present. When you’re at work work. When you are with your family be with your family. When you are having fun have fun. Whatever you do, whenever you do it, try your utmost to give of yourself, fully and completely and not only you, but everyone you meet will be blessed with your being.

Be present.

How strange that the thing we need to do the most. The thing that seems so natural and so commonplace is so distant and so difficult to get at sometimes. We have paid a heavy cost for civilization. We have sacrificed being human, for the glory and majesty of some notion or idea of progress. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You cannot make stark, sweeping changes in your life. You can’t just quit your job so you can garden or wonder up at the stars, but you can be more present.

Unplug yourself from your laptop, your television, and your precious phone. Unplug yourself from coworkers who bitch and moan all day long. Stop listening to idle chatter how hot it is outside, or how horrible Donald Trump is for America and the world. Unplug yourself from gossip. Unplug from your hangovers. Unplug from all the excuses that you make each and every day.

Be present instead. Sit and dream of what could be. Take a deep breath and be grateful that you’re alive. Close your eyes and be thankful that you are here right now. There is no other place you should be.

Embrace the moment.

Make love to infinite possibilities.

Be present.

Be joyful.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Fabrice Villard via unsplash.com