There is no better time than to begin or begin again, and it no matter, today is the day where you start or continue what you started. A journey of a thousand steps begins with the first one. This one. The one you’re going to take today, which will lead to the one tomorrow, and the succession of steps that will lead you where your heart tugs at to go.

There will never a more perfect time. You will never be happier or more desperate. You will never have enough money, or lack more time. You will never be where you want to be, so you might as well begin now.

What do you have to lose? Everything. Regret is a painful state of being. We rarely hear someone complain about all the mistakes they’ve made because they are often well hidden or more often forgotten and forgiven. But what we face the most are painful regrets of there was a time, I had a dream, and if only I could do it all over again.

There is no reason for regret and you’ll have none if you begin today. Beginning today will ensure that you will finish your life having lived fully, regardless of the success or failure you might experience. The world will forget anyhow. Thousands upon thousands of beautiful artifacts burned up in a national museum in Brazil. All those beautiful art pieces, and memories are gone. And what of the majestic Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires. They were full of glory, full of awe, and full of brimming eternity, and yet today they hold court with a McDonald’s and resemble very little of their former glory.

Life has never been about legacy. About being famous and remembered. We will all be forgotten, at some point in time. This is unfortunate but not as devastating if you fail to live to your potential to begin with. If you don’t begin or continue what you started, there will be nothing to burn up, and nothing to muse over in the future.

Life is about now, about creating something so that you can engage other people who are also building and creating something. We need something to do, something to feel, and something to emerge ourselves with. It is what gives us permission to engage each other. It is what makes us fall in love with each other. It is what unites us all together. Our pursuit of meaning and happiness.

So just begin.

Forget your excuses. Forget your made up laws that govern your life. There are so many things that are holding you back. Too many to list and remember, yet if all your possessions burned down today, if you lost everything that you had today, what would you do tomorrow? Once you discover that. Once you think about what you would do if you had nothing, if you could begin again, you will have discovered the next step to take.

This is the perfect time. The perfect time to begin, to continue, and to connect. Fail as often as you must until you get what you want, but never regret choosing to try. You’ll never regret that decision. It will give you life. It will give you happiness. It will give you a life worth dying for,


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Cristina Gottardi via