Who knew that I would be journaling every day and publicly at that. If you had told this tall and shy kid some thirty years ago that he would be writing every day and motivating small audiences, I am sure he would certify your crazy.

But so what. I am glad I didn’t get my future right, because the future I have is much better than the future I imagined and that’s it isn’t it? We sort of get the future we imagine for ourselves.

Out of the dream of who we want to be will spring forth the means and the directions on how to get there. It all starts in the mind and that’s where it should because we live our entire lives inside of ourselves, so it is only natural that all things are conceived and seen to reality there.

The mind is a powerful thing and I can prove it. Over the last fifteen years I have put it to work learning and experimenting with the technical aspects of photography. I would watch tutorial after tutorial, study photo after study and struggle to work with anyone to take a wondrous photograph. What I was missing in spades was the business sense. More particularly the knowledge how it all connects and works together. Now I have that and I can’t wait to discover where the hell it is taking me.

The same can be said of my writing. I have wanted to be a writer since I was a little boy but I never acted on it, never developed it, and never said it out loud. But secretly this ESL kid, got through grade school, slugged his way through High School, College, and landed in University. But University was a struggle. I took philosophy which frustrated the begeebus out of me. I’m not really sure that is how begeebus, but I shall not let that stop me.

Philosophy would have lead me to be homeless so that I could share my obscure theories with those passing by, hoping for a little change to buy a cup of coffee or some cheap rice wine on which to get drunk, but I digress. For some reason I switched to English and went to teachers college. Then I spent the next twenty of so year marking and fixing sentences.

This is significant because my entire life I thought I chose the wrong path because being an English teacher had little to do with being a successful writer. But I was wrong. I had an epiphany a couple of years ago and discovered that I have become a good writer not by writing, but by correcting other people’s writing mistakes.

I just know what a good sentence looks and feels like. I have a sense of how to make the words dance to have them say what I want them to say, but not just say what I want to say, say it with all the flavour that lives in my mind.

I believe everything is possible.

Your dreams can be yours, if you allow yourself to dream and act on those dreams.

It’s never too late and there hasn’t been a more perfect day, sunny or rainy to begin.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@elijahdhiett