This morning we welcome another morning and the opportunity to do things we’ve never done. We can’t waste this opportunity but that doesn’t mean we have to do something grand or visible even. Our days should not be judged by how productive we are, even though that has to be part of the formula somehow, but rather by being who we are.

It’s a tricky thing this being. We are wired to do and than do some more. Everyone sees what we do or don’t do, but nobody gets a chance to experience our being. Being is a personal thing, a most private experience we exist in each and every moment of our life. And out being never skips a beat. The beat goes and on and on, because as humans we were not meant to be human doings but rather human beings. 

It’s the idea of what we want to be and who we want to become that is worth examining. The final product or result doesn’t belong to us. How good we are or how successful rests in the eyes of the beholder, but that is not the only set of eyes. Our own eyes and those who are very close to us have eyes too, and it is for them that we are who we are and become who we want to become.

This is perhaps a touch more philosophical this morning but perhaps we need to be more philosophical in our lives. I see it every day. Kids scared that they are not good enough. Smart kids worried that even their best will not measure up. We all need a journey inward. Inward where our soul and heart make their home.

Thats’s the only place that matters. It’s the only place that keeps going when our body and mind stops and stubbornly refuses to move. 

We definitely need to mediate more, pray more, and engage in vulnerable, meaning conversation a lot more. A lot more than we do, for much longer than we do. We need to fall in love with ourselves and our life each and every morning. If we don’t we will not see the opportunities ahead of us and we will get stuck when getting stuck can be avoided.

Get unstuck and remember that deep inside your heart, the beat always goes on. It’s time to listen more attentively and hear it.


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