This will not be a long reflection.

It could be. 

But I will list all the things that bring me joy, and I won’t account for all the things that I am grateful for. 

I already do that privately.

I keep a rough, point form journal, and I write in it every day, just before I go to sleep.  I do it because I want to remember and be conscious of, all that I have been blessed with. 

All of it.

It is so easy to forget. 

It is easy.

It is easy, because all day long, we are bombarded with poisonous thoughts.  We get seduced by a myriad of gossip and an assembly line of empty words.  These rotting thoughts and that decaying chatter bumps us of course.  We often lose sight of what we have, and feel miserable and depressed, looking and longing for all that we don’t have.

It is important to be grateful.

So be grateful.

Change your life, by changing your language.

You should wake up each, and every morning, because you have some meaningful work to do.  Noble work.  Work that is worth doing.  If that is not you, I seriously encourage you to make an exit plan as soon as possible, and find work that will give you joy and satisfaction.

There should be no alarms in your life.  You need to properly contextualize the sound you hear that jolts you out of bed. 

You are not going to war.  Your house is not on fire. 

You are waking up to a great opportunity.  One that presents itself today, and only today.  Tomorrow, there will be another.  You do not have time for both.

I can see you rolling your eyes now, but I don’t care.  I have changed my vocabulary because I have nothing to lose looking like a fool.  I am happier being foolish, than sad, but normal.

I get awakened each morning by my opportunity clock, and it is making a big difference in my life.


Not Alarm.

I respond different to opportunity.

There are people in my life that I would miss dearly if they were gone.  There are also people that have gone, whom I miss, but who have forever impacted my life for the better.

I am grateful for all those people.

I am also grateful that there are no explosions nearby.  I am grateful we have clean water.  A good sewage system.  I am grateful we have music, and movies, and ketchup chips.

I am grateful for the boudoir mini sessions today, and the Metallica concert yesterday.

I think you should make a list. 

Anything goes.

Do it every day. 

Read it.  Soak it in.  Find more things to be grateful for.

Don’t worry about the things you don’t have, or the things that you are not.

Some jerk is going to remind you of that at any moment now.

I’m grateful to you for reading this.

Now go make a ruckus, you sexy bitch, you.