I took a sabbatical from my writing and all social media last week.

It wasn’t because I wanted to, quite the contrary.  After being on a roll for so long, I was afraid that I would taste the sweet fruits of laziness and never get back to it again.  A peculiar thought, perhaps, and maybe even a touch melodramatic, but when you have lead a life of constant retreat, it does make a bit of sense.

I’m back in the saddle. 

The opportunity clock sounded the 4:02 this morning.  Heavy objects were battered about here and there, and everywhere, and here I sit.  Coffee in hand, staring at my glowing laptop, glancing occasionally at the humanity that is slowly awakening around me.

This little dream of mine, mysteriously, majestically, no longer feels like a wild stallion; untamed and unharnessed. 

I may not have full control of the direction I ride, but with the wind at my back, and a power greater than mine on my side, the investment of my talents is bound to pay some dividends.

My metamorphosis continues.

After receiving your feedback about the Ten Minas, I have decided to cut back on my words, to set a new limit, and stick to one or perhaps two ideas at a time.  Occasionally, I will allow my mind to drift a bit, and give myself the luxury of writing a little more, but I really want to become a more consistent writer.  Less is more ‘they’ say, and ‘they’ seem to know a heck of a lot.

I’m back in the saddle, and being away has taught me a great deal.

We all nod our heads and unequivocally agree that it is important to unplug our lives, but we rarely follow through.  For one reason or another, because this is important, and that must be done today, we remain connected to our social networks and unconsciously await the next power failure.

The power failure never comes, and we turn into a little Gollum; guarding and tenderly stroking our precious, at the expense of our sanity.

The week I spent in the Irish Hills of Michigan has reassured me that there is a level of peace and tranquility that awaits us, if only we could find the courage to let go.

I was seemingly cut off from the world, and yet, within an hour or so of crossing the border, I was back on the treadmill, running at full speed, panting and sweating, like I had never been away.

We all need to unplug.

If we don’t disconnect, we will forever keep our dreams begging to come in, condemning them to live outside. 

We never invite them in.  We never have enough time to laugh and cry with them.  We never take them to a nice restaurant or take them dancing.  Yet, we are so quick to lash out at them, hide from them, and accuse them of being distant and impossible to live with.

We are the problem and we must win back our life. 

You are either living a life of quiet desperation; a life of the living dead, or you are brave enough to become a fool and swim upstream.  Unplug yourself and become hidden from the ugly things that surround you, from the bitching and complaining that is suffocating the world. 

It is all sure to pass away.  It will all be forgotten tomorrow.


Enjoy today.  You may not get to embrace tomorrow.