A little break is not always a bad thing provided of course you come back to whatever you were doing and don’t use that as an opportunity to stop altogether.

I’m back at it.

Yesterday was an interesting day. A great family outing for the whole day and we came home to our internet and television not working. The problem will be solved today but yesterday we had to go without. I have to be honest, I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the freedom and pressure of watching and doing anything. It was such a wonderful quiet evening that I might have to do rolling technology blackouts at my house more often.

I also have to get back to reading. I love it but so many things in the day take over and reading seems to always fall by the way side. There is so much wealth and wisdom in books and so many great stories that will never be made into movies. Reading taps the imagination on all levels and the more we read the better we will be.

This weekend is my first trade show. I am setting up my trade display in Burlington, hoping to meet a client or two. I am aiming for one to three clients. I am looking forward to chatting with people and getting this journey humming at a comfortable speed. This is only the beginning. I will learn from this event and plan on doing a lot more. I am thinking one every two months or so. A combination of weddings shows and bodybuilding competitions, but I won’t bore you anymore with the details.

Life is fantastic. It has been fantastic for a while now, not that it was terrible before. I just feel that a cloud lifted and I can see clearly now because the rain is gone. Oh boy, I almost broke out in song now, but luckily I contained myself.

I’m back at it. 

It feels good.

I hope you get back at it too.

Happy Monday!


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@alirezanaseri