And so it begins. Another school year. Another string of going to bed by nine o’clock and waking up while the rest of the country still sleeps.

I think I am more excited than sad that summer has come and gone. It really has though. I blinked and I am sitting in the same seat with a cup of coffee as my trusted companion. It feels like I haven’t left but I have. I am different. I have a very good blue print of a photography business. A business that I have to keep working at and promoting. I am on the verge of creating two podcasts and more importantly I have to get at the business of releasing volume 2 and volume 3 of quintessential quotable.

All this and drive my son and daughter to their hockey practices and horseback writing lessons and my full time job too. But I’m ready. It does feel overwhelming at times but not too often. Most of the times, I just make a list, don’t look too far ahead and get at the items that need to get getting at.

I also signed up to be involved with a play this winter. I will be the photographer for a local performance of Chicago. I definitely think I should see the movie to know what the hell the whole thing is about, and I am looking forward to making connections in the art community. I want to grow my business organically and grow it well. I believe this will be personally rewarding for me and help in other ways as well.

I am so very happy that I have these early morning writing sessions. I am not sure what I am ever going to do with all of them but maybe that’s not the point. Maybe the point is to write because somewhere in my future the discipline and skill I am learning here is going to lead me to places I cannot imagine right now.

That’s all for now. 

I hope you’ve made your list of things you must get to. I hope you see your dreams right in front of you and that you drive like a MOFO to get them.


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