You will only find happiness when you allow perfection and compromise to meet. It’s their warm embrace that makes a difference. It’s their unabashed dichotomy that can bring forth success.

Dreams can come true, but they don’t exactly arrive how they are imagined.

Perfection is a trap. An illusion. But we know that.

No human being will ever be capable of perfection.

No human being is even remotely capable of ever grasping what perfection means. Just ask the poor mathematicians who have been labouring so painstakingly for many decades and are still so far away from discovering the definitive, perfect, final value for pi. 

It’s 3.141526 something. 


Our human happiness hides in that very something.

Our happiness is only possible if we learn to compromise of our will with perfection. You will only experience peace when you learn to compromise and behold ‘something’.

You will never be able to discover the definitive value of the circumference of a circle and it really doesn’t matter. You know what you need to know about whatever it is you need to know. You have what you have. You have your life. You have time. You have some means with which to move forward and being perfect doesn’t matter. It’s a trap.

A deadly trap. 

A spiritual quicksand.

One that causes much pain and ill will between men and women.

Perfection is not the trap.

Our uncompromising pursuit of perfection is the trap.

And you do have to aim to be perfection in order to be happy. It would be silly not to. 

You have to look up to something.

If I gave you the option of drinking a full glass of water or a half empty one, only a fool would debate if the glass was half full or half empty, and remain thirsty. The smart person would drink the full glass of water, or they would find a way to top it up. 

At the beginning. Yes. When you begin to dream, there should be no room for compromise. 

You have to behold what is perfect. 

You have to try to solve for Pi.

Compromise comes later and it too is a deadly trap. It will destroy your should if you don’t employ it near the end, but give into it at the beginning. 

You have many talents. You have great value.

Don’t every compromise who you are and who you are meant to be.

Always aim high. Aim far. Aim deep.

Don’t capitulate your dreams, and don’t take them for a Sunday drive.

At some point of your journey, life is bound to get hard. Your determination is bound to slow down. Your dreams will become foggy. Your hand unsteady. Your steps unsure.

That’s when you need the art of compromise.

If you fall, and you will, you can’t expect things to be the same.

You will miss your beat.

You will play the wrong note.

You will mock things up.

And when you fall, your movements will become slower. Your body will be broken. Your mind will want to give you. You will feel every ache and pain imaginable. You will feel every stinging word, especially as they come at you from deep insideyou.

Learn to compromise.

Don’t give up.

Giving up is a form of perfection too.

All or nothing. Both are perfect.

One has everything. The other one has nothing. They are both complete.

They are part of the same coin. They are children of the same mother.

Learn to compromise.

Learn patience, perseverance, and persistence.

Little over everything. Something, anything, over nothing.

Learn to be kind to yourself. 

Make a vow to keep moving forward.

Learn that happiness is fought for not stumbled upon.

Learn to compromise.

Let compromise embrace perfection.

Don’t stand in your own way.