You don’t know what’s around the corner.

And that’s ok.

But take the corner.

The future is unknown but it is never as scary as people make it out to be.

The winter always gives way to spring. The economy always finds ways to correct itself and you will always get new opportunities to start something, to finish what you started, perhaps as far back as a child, and thats because there is a natural, unheard heartbeat in all of creation.

There is a natural order to everything and there’s no reason to fear anything.

So don’t be afraid.

Take the next corner.

Take the corner with confidence.

Turn that corner because there will be others, even better ones.

Life is not a game of checkers. You cannot just skip your way from one  square to another. You can’t queen yourself. You have to take a corner, or you will never get to the next.

You were born so you could live, and this is true despite the dying bit.

Dying is not easy, and it is more than a little ironic.

We were born so that one day we would die. Thats all there is to it. Simple. 

The meaning of it all gets a little complicated.

We were born with nothing and we will leave with nothing. We are free to use anything you find in the sandbox, but remember that it’s not your sandbox. No matter how good you are at building sand castles, you have to leave it all behind. 

 In the process of bracing for our certain curtain call, many of us forget to live.

We forget to suck the marrow out of life. To push beyond our own mental limitations. We forget to do what gives us great joy and meaning.

Our fears and those nagging voices in our head desperately long for security. They delude us into thinking that all will be fine if we learn to play it safe. If we avoid turning corners. If we stay on our familiar street. If we do this or that. If we save a bit, borrow a bit, or invest a little. It will all turn out alright if we just store enough canned goods in our nuclear bunker. Everything will be just fine.

But it won’t.

A life lived and toiled for mere comfort and security is a lie.

A life lived in fear is not a life.

We watch in millions and marvel at the world of The Walking Dead, but we don’t see others, when we pass through them. We don’t realize that when we take to the streets, we are among the living dead.

People that are alive but not quite living.

Not quite dead, but not alive either.

Quiet people.

Shy people.

Desperate people.

Medicated people.

Lonely people.

Elenor Rigby and Father McKenzie.

A truly sad sight to behold.

This is why you must turn that corner.

Make your way around the bend.

Fear not and get moving.

Life lives there.

Around the bend.

Your dreams hang out in undiscovered part of town.

You just have to get there.

You have to be there.

It’s never to late.

So push yourself.

Fight for the life you want.

Have courage to make the turn.

Make the bend.

Take your turn.

Around the corner.