There is always something magical around the next corner and our hearts are always aflutter and yearn to find out what that might be. But we rarely take the next corner. We remain where we are. Grounded in fear.

We are very timid creatures. Easily frozen still and so we come up with reason after reason, excuse after excuse, why it is better to simply stay where and who we are. We picked this up when we were children, but it was done for our protection.

We learned to fear the unknown and never dare take that next corner. At home, at school, or in the playground, we learned to become compliant, and in exchange we were promised that no one would laugh, no one would judge, and no one would think less of us. But they laughed, judged, and they thought less of us. As we grew up, we we never questioned our compliance again, but our childish compliance no longer serve us well.

You are no longer a child. You have the heart of one, but you don’t have any playground obligation to behave the way you’re expected to. You are free to take that corner. You don’t have to be a helpless scared little child, at least not if you choose not to be.

You have tremendous power.

A power that validates your humanity when you will yourself to take that next corner.

You have right to demand to know what’s there. Good or bad, you owe it to yourself to discover and find out.

There will be consequences, of course. You can never go back to the way things were, but staying where you are is not much better.

I think you’re capable of a lot more. There is a greatness in you but you have resigned yourself to be satisfied with what you have. Despite your inner desires, you have became too meek to ask for what we want. You might even be riddled with a false sense of humility. Pride often masks itself as shyness.

Do you ever wonder what’s around the next corner?

Do you yearn to see what’s around the bend?

Don’t be afraid of the unknown. You might fear and think that you’re not good enough or don’t want to be discovered as a fraud, but thats not true. You’re hiding. Hiding from us, hiding from you, hiding to take that corner.

That corner you see before you is yours to take if you want to and you should want to.

There is nothing scary on the other side. You’ll never discover anything different perching yourself on old familiar ground. You’ll never be any different, and that is the source of greatest sadness.

To live and die, never to have fully lived.

Take that corner.

Do what your heart tells you.

See what its like to live around the bend.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Tomas Anton via