And just like that…

All of my marking got somehow done because report cards are due on Friday. I find that amazing. I set many days and times to get to the task of reading and correcting but those times never happened. Not the way I imagined they would anyway. It was a grind. A bit of time here, a little stolen time there and just like that… it got done.

I wonder what would happen with our lives if we applied this logic and strategy to everything that we deeply care about. What if we didn’t wait til spring to do some cleaning but methodically went about our business, room by room, little by little to get rid of things that are confusing our purpose.

By spring cleaning I mean both the physical and our spiritual lives. There are many things we do and get our lives wrapped around which require re-examining and repurposing.

Yesterday I wrote about winter coming but although this is undeniable, our daily resolve, our daily Cello practice and our daily acts of writing should not be affected by what the wind is doing or how close the earth is spinning around the sun.

And just like that… these few words are at their end.

I could say more. Spin a few tales but there is more to say tomorrow. 


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