I can’t say enough nice things about the photography workshop I took this summer. It was a small investment but it was and is unbelievable. I didn’t even go through all of it. There was so much information that I wasn’t able to get to all of it. Partly because I’m not ready for it. The workshop made me realize how much foundational stuff I was missing, but the good news is that now that I know, and have a good foundation, I can go out there and work smarter and tangible achieve a transition from teaching into photography.

One of the best gifts I received at the end of the workshop is the opportunity to pair up with another student. People are people. What I mean by that is that it is difficult to predict if someone who wants the same things is a good match to become an accountability partner, and that is something I desperately asked about at the end of the workshop. It is something I know I deeply need.

The good news is that I’m two calls into my new adventure with my accountability parter. We chat for a half hour or so every Thursday at about four o’clock. We’ve only chatted twice but I already feel less alone and very focused as to what I need to do next and can see a very bright future in front of me.

I think we all need accountability partners in all kinds of areas of our life. Partners not bosses or judges. Individuals who have our best in mind and mirror who we want to be back to us because it’s so difficult see clearly sometime and so easy to forget.

To be honest my goal here is to make this wonderful woman extremely successful. I keep thinking and coming up of creative ways to grow her business and make her a better photographer. That is all that matters. In turn I know that I will be served for it as well.

I’m always up to something it seems, and its soo good not to do it alone.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@krewellah87