There is a difference dreams and fantasies.  On the surface, they both seem to resemble one another, making it somewhat difficult to tell the difference between them, however, one has a few more rainbow-coloured unicorns.  And that is the one we want to distance ourselves and embrace and chase the other with tremendous hustle.

Fantasies lead us to nowhere.  They are beautiful little distractions.  Imaginings, of the way thing could be, but never will.  Fantasies don’t spring us to action.  Reality spoils their existence.

Dreams on the other hand are different.  They are not that terribly different, but they call us to action.  Without hustle and a purposeful direction to our life, they ultimately regress and become nothing but fantasies.

It is important for all of us to dream because it is very dreams that give us life.  They give us a sense of purpose.  A reason to get up in the morning, on a freezing cold day, when we are dead tired, and feel desperately overrun.

It’s time to hustle.

Dreams are real and they are very attainable.  Always within our grasp. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t be able to think them up.  Dreams are made up of solid ideas and real possibilities.  What’s often missing is our relentless pursuit to bring those dreams into reality.

But a little hustle will certainly help.

When we first think up our dreams, they are usually huge, uncontrollable, bulging monsters.  A vast abandoned field that begs to be cultivated and developed. 

We need very concrete plans to carry out that development.  Plans that contain everything we need, along with times and dates, right down to every minute details.  We need to understand what we want.  Why we want it.  What we need to get it.  And read about those who have gone before us that were able to reach it, and the length of time it took them to finally arrive.

Everything else is just hustle.

Once we have a plan.  Once we have specific tasks that need to be performed in order.  All that is left is to execute and move as quickly as we can through them. 

It is important to hustle because even the best of our plans is flawed.  What we have carefully drawn up today, will not be very effective by even mid-morning.  Our life and indeed our whole world is in beautiful but perpetual motion.  Our decision and the decision of others impact our direction.  Technology, world events, personal triumphs and personal tragedies ultimately impact our direction.

This is why we need to move.  We need to move as fast as we can. We need to hustle. 

Without it, we will waste too much time.  When we finally arrive, where we think and need to be, our life will have ultimately shifted, and it will dawn on us that we need to be somewhere else.

For some, this is enough to quit.  Many of us arrive a little late.  A little unprepared.  A little tired.

There is a beautiful grace in momentum.

If you have dreams, and if you’re alive you have them, at any time, and at any age.  If you have dreams, you need to pursue them like a relentless hound.  Hustle your ass into action.  Wake up every day and hustle.  Hustle for five minutes.  Hustle for ten.  Hustle all day long.  But don’t let a day go by when you are not moving forward.