First, I thought I would be smart by doing a Quintessential Quotable entry yesterday instead of a journal reflection but for some reason I decided to clean up some files and lost a few entries. But no matter, I always look forward and will get at things this weekend.

What I wanted to write about was last Saturday. 

A few years ago my friend Winston roped me into promoting bodybuilding shows. It was exciting and a lot of friggin’ work but I learned to love it. When he died the shows died too but last Saturday I was back at the helm, in charge of everything, kicking out drunks for inappropriately grabbing women amongst other small and larger problems throughout the night. It was a fantastic night and very rewarding. What I didn’t know, or what I forgot was that Saturday the fifth would have been Winston’s 80th birthday.

I kept thinking about him throughout the night as I am thinking of him this morning. 

I think its amazing that despite death we can connect to people who have gone through our memories and through work that reminds us of them. What a gift and privilege it is to be self aware and have this opportunity.

I’m still not quite sure what happened to my life over the last three years. Saturday night I was putting on a Hip Hop show in Toronto. On Sunday I was having dinner with a record label, and last night I was given a pair of Leaf tickets and spent the day with my son.

I am truly blessed, but I’m due for some quiet time as well. That’s one of the things I love about living in a small town. I can think clearly because nobody knows what you’re up to and the lack of traffic and clean air helps too.

Thanks Winston for thinking and smiling down on me. We remember you and hope to see you one day again. I would say soon, but the people who love me might strongly disagree and besides I’m not ready to go just quite yet either.


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