Every day is a new beginning. 

Another opportunity for greatness.  Another chance at redemption.  A moment to let go of our past failures or fears and embrace our unwritten future.  A time to sweat and get on with it.

For with every setting sun, we face the coming of the dawn.

We should welcome the dawn.

Those early hours of the morning are the harbinger of change.  An awakening.  A rebirth.

Time as we know it doesn’t exist. 

As much as we take comfort in the idea that our workday is coming to an end or that our retirement is slowly approaching, time is an illusion.

We do not live in a static linear universe.  We are not governed by bells and whistles.  Beeps and swipes.  Borders and languages.  By religion or political ideology.

We live in a very dynamic universe.  We never just merely exist.

You are a human being.  Take comfort in that.

Your life has value.  It has always had value. 

Somehow.  At some point of your life.   You just stopped dreaming. 

You stopped being a child.  You stopped exploring.  You traded in the amazed of it all, for a downward gaze and silence.

You stopped allowing yourself to make mistakes.  You began to punish and hate yourself for failure.  You embraced and became seduced by universally false sense of security which manifests itself in work and the idea of progress.

Like poor old Boxer in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, we believe we just must work harder.

You went to school.  You were told you were smart.  Or you were forced to go to school, told you were stupid, dropped out, and became street smart.  It doesn’t matter.  The result is the same. 

It was the beginning of the end.  The foreclosure of your dreams.

You no longer wonder like a child.  Even though you are parenting them.

You sit there paralyzed and numb sometimes, because you are not supposed to fail or make mistakes.

You desperately seek comfort and security.  You shutter at silence and do crazy things when you have free time on your hands.

Your persistence scored you a good job, with benefits, and it affords you the chance not to eat tuna out of a can as you get old.  You want to be in the centre of the gossip, because it is better than being the subject of it.  You want the iPhone 8.  An early screening of the last episode of Game of Thrones.   

You want your country to be the great again. 

You have tremendous value.

There is nothing you must do to keep it, or to maintain it.

You just should embrace the dawn.  Do what you can.  Let go.  Accept that whatever it is you are doing, at the moment, might not work.  At least this time.

Accept the fact that you are not the sum-total of your past mistakes.

Welcome to a new day.

Go out and be the person you dreamed of becoming.

Don’t worry. 

If you make a blunder, you’ll have another chance tomorrow.

But don’t wait too long, sometimes tomorrow never comes.