We all need a little push. We all need words of encouragement that inspire and change us. We need a push from someone or something in order to courageously get on with what we need to do.

But where is this push to come from? What are you to do in the meantime? What if the push never comes?

Let’s start with the last question first. The push will come because it always comes. There is always a dip and a rise to everything. Life, like a demanding leather wearing mistress will push or pull you up or down as she pleases. She will push you this way and that, here and there, but you don’t have to fear her. It has been like this since the beginning of time. It will always be so. It has always been so and it will continue to be.

It’s inevitably exciting and invigorating. There are just so many people in the world and there are just so many thing happening all at once in the universe for it not to be so.

But what about the meantime?

The meantime was built for the living and you are alive so stop just standing around and go out and do some living. You won’t know where your next push will come from. What bad news will alter the course of your life, or what accomplishment will forever change your mind about what is possible. But no matter. You may not know when or where the next push is coming in your life, but you sure as hell can push others.

Make them better. Push them hard. Make them submit to your challenge of living life to the fullest.

They might need to be pushed to lose some weight because its easy to be fat. It’s not easy to push someone otherwise because you love them. You might push them to start dating again after their marriage failed or their spouse died. They will resist. They will create all kinds of inventive reasons why they choose to be lonely, but give them a little push anyway.

You also have to push the ignorant, just be careful that you are not ignorant yourself, but having done that push away. Mean spirited people hide just below the surface. They gossip behind your back. They smile to your face. The manipulate and organize a way to get what you want. You need to push them.

Push them into the open. Push them so they learn what a pathetic fool they are or help them realize the tremendous errors of their way.

We all need a little push.

But what about yours?

I think that’s a misguided question because things happen in our lives while we are busy giving ourselves in service for others. I’m not sure why that is or who made it so, but that is the flow and order of things.

Go and find ways to push others. Make them better.

Yes, you will make mistakes. You will push them too hard or perhaps not hard enough. But none of that should matters. Don’t let your mistakes ever stop you from having the encourage to push or pull someone again.

Just a little one.

One push.

Deliver a gentle or stinging push for someone, in the right direction.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Tim Mossholder via unsplash.com