It’s a genuine measuring stick of our lives. 

Just so that we are clear, I didn’t say sarcasm.  I said laughter.  Sarcasm cuts people down.  Aims to destroy.  Focus on what once was and bitches about it.  It refuses to see the possibilities.


I have to admit that sometimes, just sometimes, a nice little sarcastic zinger feels fantastic, especially when it hits its mark.  But when it becomes the main attraction of your daily conversation, you may have become an asshole.

But let’s talk about laughter. 



Bubbling up to the surface kind of laughter.  Or perhaps a subtle little smirk.  Or the tiny eyebrow raise.

No one will ever give you extra marks for making people laugh at work or school.

You won’t get a raise or a compliment either, when you relieve your co-workers dehumanizing monotony, and help them bear another day.

You will not get any credit for cutting through the tension that is choking everyone.

But keep doing it anyway.

Keep laughing. 

Keep smiling.

It’s good for you.

It’s good for all of us.

I don’t think a week goes by without someone asking me, in total and genuine wonderment, why I haven’t been fired yet.  It bothers me sometimes, I take it as a compliment.

I think it means that I have taken the role of court jester, very seriously.  Laughter is a very grave matter, you know.

Sometimes, I am able to say things, or look at life, in a way that is not acceptable or easily digestible.

It truly makes a difference.

I have thought about stopping, but I truly would have no idea what to do with all my dick jokes, and double-entendres.  I find sharing their existence much easier than breathing.

What keeps me humming along and gives me a sliver of hope that there might not be anything wrong with me, is this absolutely magnificent woman I work with.

During the Clinton/Trump campaigns of recent memory, the Democratic party came up with a very catchy mantra. 

When they go low, we go high.

A beautiful sentiment really, but that is not what my friend tells me.  When we exchange moments of levity, not only am I not slapped with a harassment suit, she always trumps my puns (get it), by playing along, and lowering the bar.

Sometimes I am amazed that such filthy and wonderful depths even existed.  I forever strive to dig deeper, and lead regular expeditions into the depravity of human existence.

When he goes low, I go lower.

I am grateful for her company because I will never forget to laugh, and neither should you.

Laugh often because, you and I know, there will be plenty of times when we will both cry.  Those tears are coning.  They always do.  It’s only a matter of time.  So don’t waste the sunshine or a single moment of laughter you are able to savour today.

In conclusion, I leave with my favourite porn titles of all time.

(All unseen.  I admire from a distance)



(yes, I do see the word tit hiding in the word titles, thank you for pointing that out)

Here we go.

Five – Saturday Night Beaver

Four – Womb Raider

Three – Yank my Doodle, it’s a Dandy!

Two – Throbin Hood

One – Saving Ryan’s Privates