I’m taking a calculated risk, sharing my thoughts today, because a part of me is on a mission to be more foolish.  I have a hunger that had been dormant for most of my life, and now I am going to share something with you, and make two predictions.

I was meaninglessly scrolling people’s Facebook posts yesterday and for some reason I half watched a video about success.  I didn’t get through the whole thing, and stopped after the Jim Carey appearance on Oprah Winfrey, where he shared his story about the $10 million-dollar cheque he wrote to himself, three years before becoming famous.  He signed on to do Dumb and Dumber for exactly $10 million, only a few days before the actual date on the cheque. 

He cashed the cheque.

On its own, it’s a nice story, but where it takes a turn for me, is that while reading a Jen Sincero book last night, about being a Badass with money, the new chapter began with this exact Jim Carey story.

Weird.  These days, I pay attention to weird.

I put the book down for a moment and thought to myself, what do I have to lose, except a piece of my dignity, but more importantly, what do I have to gain?  So, I went into my photography studio, found my dusty cheque book, and wrote a cheque to myself in the amount of $18,000 dollars, due on January 31, 2018. 

Why $18,000?  I picked this amount because it would clear all my bad debt.

I could have asked for ten million, but this is just a test.  The next amount will be bigger, trust me.

I’ll be honest.  I’m not expecting magic fairies to sprinkle every room of my house with twenty dollar bills.  This is not a mystical hokey-pokey journey.  I’m don’t intend to sit back and wait for the Brinks armoured truck to accidently on purpose drop a bag of money on the edge of my driveway.

What I am going to do however, is bust my ass to get that $18K.  Part of me is scared.  I won’t lie to you.  Who the hell wants to look foolish?  But another part of me has awakened to a world of possibilities.  To a world of why not.  I’ll put my aluminum hat, chant my money mantra, work my ass off, and revisit this post on February 1st, 2018.

I am also going to make two predictions.


I weighed myself this week and I stressed the scale at exactly 265.2 pounds. 

Going to the gym and weight training has become matter of routine.  A habit. 

December 13th, 2016, is now a distant memory.  Up at 4 am.  At the gym at 4:30 am.  Three days of weight training.  Two days of cardio-vascular exercise.  The weekend is reserved for play and rest.

Surprisingly, I have not lost a single pound, but have noticed changes in my body composition.  I am a lot leaner and stronger.  What is holding me back is my eating habits.  They leave much to be desired, and the day for change is here. 

Prediction One.

I give myself 10 months.  On May 1st, 2018, I will happily report back to you that the scale now reads 225 pounds.  There is a reason behind the number 225, but let’s get through this exercise first before we tackle the next challenge. 

I am going to also predict that in less than a year, my ass cheeks will have the ability to bounce quarters into the far reaches of the galaxy, and I will celebrate my flat stomach by buying myself a very sexy designer shirt, which I have already picked out.


This blog started in mid-December of 2016, because I decided to follow Seth Godin’s Habits of Successful Artists.  Writing daily, in number eight on the list.

This is just the beginning. 

Publishing books and becoming a sought after public speaker is part of the master plan.

Prediction Two.

While I work on losing forty pounds of flab, I am giving myself the same timeline to finish writing the biography of my friend Winston Roberts.  It will be called Winston.  I will write at least one thousand words per day, which in ten months will amount to 300,000 words.  I think that is plenty for a good biography, and in the early months of 2018 I will begin the process of getting it published.

So to summarize.

I wrote a cheque and I made 2 bold predictions.

We’ll revisit this on February 1st, 2018.

In the meantime.  Go do something great.

Go make a ruckus.