I engage in a lot of banter, with a lot of people, but I admit, a lot of it usually degenerates into something incorrigibly inappropriate.  Too late to change now, I guess. But sometimes, just sometimes, when the double-entendres run dry, my strange sense of humour leaves someone with a belly full of laughs.  I wanted to share one of those moments with you.

It was late morning on Friday and I was heading for lunch.  I was walking with a group of students and I asked one young lady what her plans were for the weekend.


Me:                  Any big plans this weekend?

Student:          Oh, Sir.  It’s been a rough week.  I intend to sleep.

Me:                  That’s curious.  What made the week so rough?

Student:          I had a lot of homework.  Too many assignments.  I got very little sleep.

Me:                  I’m sorry for your struggle, but if that’s the case, have you ever considered

                         dropping out of school?

Student:          Never. 

Me:                  (silence)

Student:          Do you not know what that would mean?

Me:                  No.

Student:          I would probably end up homeless somewhere.

Me:                  That’s exactly the point and all the more reason to do it.

Student:          (confused)

Me:                  I mean, think about it, if you’re homeless, there would be no more assignments.  You would be living the dream.  You would finally be able to sleep anytime, anywhere, and totally uninterrupted.


Context is everything.